Why Us?

There are many reasons why you should consider LenAndrews as your website provider, not least the ease of setup, cheap cost, level of support, ease of use and simplicity of managing your website.

Easy to Setup

Using our unique templated website design, your website can be set up in a matter of days, compared to the weeks and months it can take other website designers to uniquely copy over files, setup databases, bugtest websites, and then handover the site to you, upon which you are likely to find bugs still present in the system which will take time and money to fix. Using LenAndrews saves you time and money by giving you a website that you can setup yourself, off a system which has been bugtested for hundreds of man-hours, so that you can get content on your website, to your clients, immediately.


Or, should we say, lack of it. LenAndrews is offering a fully content-managed website, with News Features, login capability and an easy upload and text modification system for just £20 per month. Other website provides would typically provide you with 5 pages for approximately £400-600. You won't find this deal anywhere else, as content managed websites can often easily drift into the thousands of pounds.

Ease of Use

The admin system to LenAndrews's website system uses new Javascript and AJAX technologies to make life easier for you. In simple terms, this means saved time on your part, as you will not have to wait for pages to refresh and reload over and over again, just to make a small amendment to a news article. You wont have to wait ages for your website to load confirmation pages when you want to add a new page. The entire admin system to the LenAndrews website system is set up so you can set up your website in the least time possible, leaving you with the maximum time to spend on clients, and bringing the money in.


A website from LenAndrews is phenomenally simple to manage. Log in, and your Administrative menu appears to the left, above the one your clients see. Click on a section to add/edit/delete items from it. Choose the news article from the drop-down and click the "Edit the Page" button, and the form loads below, using Javascript and AJAX. You type in to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, and press the "Edit Page" button below. The page is updated before you've had time to say "wow, that's quick".

The editor we use is an open-source online text editor, loads quickly and allows the end user to quickly and simply format text, make it bold, italic, underline it, add pictures to articles, change the font and size of font, format text as superscript or subscript, change the colors of text, input tables and manipulate them, and easily add lists and hyperlinks into your page. It's basically like Microsoft Word, but for the internet, and all available to you to help you manage your website in as quick, and as simple a fashion as possible.

Web Standards

At LenAndrews, we support web standards, which is why all our websites support the xHTML 1.0 and current CSS coding standards.


What good is a website if no-one can see it? Because of the simplicity of the design, LenAndrews has an easier time testing your website with multiple browsers, computers, and operating systems. A common complaint from many of our clients who wish to move their website is that theirs does not work for Mac computers, using the Safari browser, or doesn't work on the old Internet Explorer 5.5 browser for Windows 2000. The majority of internet users use Internet Explorer 6 or 7, and use Microsoft Windows, but this is no reason to have a website that is unusable and not viewable by anyone using another operating system or browser.

LenAndrews websites will be compatible with Windows (2000, XP and Vista), Macs and Linux Operating Systems, as well as Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6 and 7, Firefox 1.5 and 2, Safari and Opera.

What does this all mean? It means EVERYBODY will be able to see your site. We'll do all the legwork to make sure that everyone can view your content. Much business is lost because a prospective customer simply can't view your site, because it doesn't work in his or her browser. By using a LenAndrews website, you guarantee that your clients can see your website, your clients can get your information, and your clients are more likely to buy from you. We severely doubt that any competitor can boast such a wide range of compatibility with new and old programs and browsers.


Often forgotten on the internet is that not everybody is perfectly able. A sizeable proportion of people will not be using a normal computer at all, to do their work, they may use a high-contrast setting, or a text-only browser that will render most modern websites, with flashy images and artistic design, useless. Blind people use the internet too, and screen-readers will be useless to them for the majority of their work. The disabled represent a sizeable proportion of the country, and your marketplace, and to have a website that immediately cuts off a few percent of your possible customers is daft.

A LenAndrews website will be viewable by disabled people, or those who are hard of sight and using high-contrast web browsers, those using text-only browsers, and those using screen-readers. This means that your website can get to absolutely everyone possible, maximising the user base for your potential buyers.


Last, but by no means least, we have speed. LenAndrews websites use complex compression algorithms to ruthlessly reduce the size of pages and images. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our pages are as small as they can be, in terms of filesize. In real terms, this means your pages load lightening fast for users on both broadband and dial-up connections.

Articles on the news suggest that 8 seconds is the maximum time a person will wait on a website before he or she tires and navigates away or closes their browser. The frontpage of a typical LenAndrews website will be approximately 10KB, including images, scripts and any other external files loaded behind the scenes. There are four files in total to load. Compare this to, for example, the frontpage of BBC News. This is a whopping 250KB, and comprises of no less (at the time of writing) than 125 separate files. This means that a LenAndrews website will load over 25 times as fast as the homepage for BBC News.

For users on expensive broadband connections, this probably isn't too much of an issue, but for those on slower broadband connections and with hefty download limits (as well, of course, as the sizeable proportion of the public still on 56K) this will be a lifesaver. Your website will load many times as fast as the next competitors website, giving you the edge for customers who are fed up of waiting for their computer to load to see one page of one website.

Website Design and Programming by LenAndrews