Our Prices

Website Rental

£20 - 1 Month
£50 - 3 Months
£95 - 6 Months
£190 - 12 Months

We are able to provide you with the website you need, at an affordable monthly price. You would pay £200 for a half-page advert in your local newspaper - why not pay less than that for a simple, easy-to-use website?


Email Addresses (Annual Renewal)

£FREE - Up to 200 separate email addresses.

All emails come with a 7.5GB storage limit, that's 7500MB, far more than our competitors. We have teamed up with Google to get you easy-to-access email that you have complete control over.

Domain Names (Annual Renewal)

£20 - .co.uk Domain Name
£30 - .org.uk Domain Name
£35 - .org Domain Name
£35 - .com Domain Name
£35 - .net Domain Name

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